​Best Cat Tree For Multiple Cats - Buyers Guide

​So, it's come to this.  It started with one cat, then another one found it's way in.  ​Maybe it took another week or two, or even a few months, but then BAM!  A third cat appeared.  

And on, and on, and on.

Okay, so maybe ​you don't have ​a dozen cats, but​ since you're looking for the best cat tree for multiple cats, we know you have a number of these crazy fur babies running around your house and climbing on every possible thing they ca​n.

​You've come here and you need a cat tree to satisfy their need to climb (and ​destroy) every piece of furniture in your house.  Don't worry, we've got you covered.

​Finding a cat tree that can handle all of the abuse that a few hyperactive cats can cause is no easy task.  In our opinion, the most important thing you need to do is to make sure that the cat tree is sturdy.  After all, we love our cats and the worst thing would be if one of them tipped the cat tree over or it somehow broke and ​hurt them.

To find the best cat tree for multiple cats, we spent ​12 hours combing the internet and ​went to see cat trees in person at a few stores ​to ​understand what options are available.  We emphasized much of our research on the construction of various cat trees because we really wanted to understand what makes a cat tree safe and sturdy, especially when you have a bunch of energetic cats jumping on it.

All of our hours of research indicate that the Go Pet Club Cat Tree ​offers the best combination of quality, sturdiness, and value for most people that are looking for a new cat tree that can accommodate multiple cats.  

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Why You Should Trust Our Review

​What you see in front of you wasn't a review guide that was thrown together with a few hours of work.  It took us 12 hours to research cat trees on the internet and in person to determine which ones would be best for multiple cats.​  Once the research phase was done, we spent 3 hours writing this post to make sure everything was as clear as possible to help you make the most informed decision.

What Features Did We Look For

​When it comes to a cat tree for more than one cat, there are a ​number of things that have to be ​considered in order to find the right one.  

  1. Stability:  In our opinion, the most important factor is for a cat tree to be well-built and stable.  The health of the cats is the #1 priority and if this area is lacking and the cat can get hurt, nothing else matters.
  2. Size:  Have you ever seen​ a bunch of cats share a really ​tiny cat t​ree?  No, you haven't.  No one has.  Cats may snuggle once in awhile, but they like their space.  The right cat tree ​in this situation is going to be large enough to allow the cats to play and rest comfortably.
  3. Durability:  ​​​​When you have multiple cats jumping around on a cat tree and sharpening their claws, you need something that can take that kind of abuse.  The materials on the cat tree have to be high quality and durable enough to withstand the punishment​.
  4. Price:  ​​​​There are some cat trees that cost $1000.00 and they are awesome!  But not too many people want ​to pay that much, so of course we have to pay attention to the price of the cat tree.  Granted, when you're looking at​ a cat tree that'll be used by ​multiple cats, it's probably going to be something a little larger and a little more costly​ than the typical cat tree, but the price can still ​be reasonable.

Who is This Cat Tree For?

​This cat tree is for people who have more than one cat and are looking for a large and sturdy piece of furniture for their cats to play on.  Technically, it would be okay for someone with a single cat to get any of these cat trees, but that's​ ​overkill.  We consider these cat trees as the more hardcore/durable cat trees out there because they are used much more often and go through a lot more wear and tear than other cat trees.

How ​We Choose ​Our ​Products

​As we said in the beginning of this post. we spent 12 hours re​searching all of the different cat trees out there to find the right ones for this review.  We checked out cat trees on a number of websites including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, and even a few cat supply ​places.  We examined the reviews of what people were saying, checked the specs of each model, paid special attention to the building materials, and even went as far as going into a few Pet Supply stores to see some of their models​.

When we do our reviews here on Cat Kingpin, we pride ourselves on really diving into the products to understand what people need and what products match those needs.  Not many folks would spend 12 hours researching cat trees, but we did...​and though we feel like losers for writing that, it's important.

Our Top Choice - Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Large)



  • Quick Assembly
  • Very Sturdy
  • ​Affordable



  • Material Isn't Carpet

​The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is our favorite choice and will check off most of the needs of anyone who owns multiple cats.  This cat tree can be put together pretty quickly (under 30 minutes) and has great feedback on both the instructions and the assembly.  In addition, this cat tree is a very sturdy choice, if the screws are tightened properly.  This is a​n important point as some purchasers have complained about it not being sturdy, but the overwhelming majority says that it is. We believe the issues with sturdiness are due to the user assembly.  As far as affordability, this one is a great choice.  A lot of value for your money with this cat tree that will last.  

The main complaint ​is that the material (that looks a lot like carpet in the image) is actually a type of plush covering, but not actually carpet.  Some cats have had an issue with climbing the material, mostly kittens with small claws and declawed cats, but for most this wasn't a​ problem.

 Premium Pick  - ​Armarkat Cat Tree Model X7805



  • ​Very Sturdy
  • ​Can Reconfigure
  • ​Plush Carpeting
  • ​​Easy Assembly



  • ​Heavy Package
  • ​Durability
  • ​Price

​The Armarkat Cat Tree Model X7805 is a good choice for anyone who's looking for something that has better quality materials than most competitors on our list.  Because of it's construction and materials, this is the model we found that has very few complaints about how sturdy it is.  This is likely due to the fact that this model is made of pure pressed wood, which increases sturdiness and durability.  It's also re-configurable if your cats aren't enjoying where a particular part of the tree is, which is cool because you can change ​the postion of the part on the tree itself.  This cat tree is covered in plush carpeting that you'd expect and will make it easy for your cat to dig their claws in.  Finally, many stated that assembly was​ quick and easy, which is always a nice bonus.

The complaints of this model first started with the weight of the package when it arrived.  It will come to you as a 63 lb package and though shipping is included in the price, it's a heavy box.  Some ​also question the durability of this item.  Not so much with the durability of the stand itself, but the attached materials like the carpeting and ropes.  The final complaint, and this is only a problem for some, is the price.  This is a pretty expensive model, but it does have more quality materials and you typically get what you pay for.  

 Budget Friendly  - Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Small)



  • Affordability
  • ​​Space Saver
  • L​ightweight



  • ​Small
  • ​Not for Large Cats
  • ​Long-Term Durability

​The Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Small) is a good choice for those that are on a budget.  Aside from being affordable, this cat tree is small so it takes up less space if you don't have a lot of room.  In addition, it's also lightweight and easy to move around if need be.  Though it is light, we didn't see instances of people claiming it tipped over, which is another bonus.

The biggest issue with this model ​starts with it being small.  If you have multiple cats, it's just better to get a larger cat tree as it will be able to accommodate them.  Also, this cat tree is also best suited for small/medium cats.  If your cat is over 13 lbs, it's not going to be the best solution as it may wobble quite a bit when your cat jumps on and off of it.  Lastly, long-term durability seems to be an issue with this cat tree.  There were complaints about the carpet/rope becoming frayed, but the more alarming thing was the complaints about the cat tree parts​ simply breaking with regular use.  That said, if you're on a budget, or want to get something now that you may upgrade later, this could be a good choice for you.

​Other Choice: SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo



  • ​Great for Large Cats
  • ​Very Sturdy
  • ​Easy to Assemble



  • Hammock Breaks
  • ​Hardware ​sometimes missing
  • ​​Price

​Though this isn't one of the highlighted options on our list, don't be fooled.  The SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo is still a very good piece of cat furniture.  The people who love it say that it's great for large cats.  Some even report cats weighing over 20 lbs (Whoa!) jumping on this thing and it being at stable and sturdy as can be.  Made from CARB certified board, it's durable and lighter weight than pressed wood.  ​In addition, it's also easy to assemble.  

The first issue with this one is that the Hammock often breaks.  ​The cause of this is that the cat tree has pre-fabricated hooks that the hammock​ hangs on and these don't hold much weight, thus resulting in it breaking too easily.  ​Another issue is that sometimes the hardware isn't included with the package.  However, this isn't a common issue and is likely due to a few poorly packaged products.  Finally, the price of this one is a little bit on the high side.  It's a great cat tree and has a lot of positives to it, but it may not be for every budget.

Other Choice: PET PALACE Cat Tree



  • Easy to Assemble
  • ​Hammock
  • ​​Space Saver



  • ​Durability
  • ​​Top Area on Hollow Plastic

​The final cat tree for multiple cats that made our list is the PET PALACE Cat Tree.  Of all the cat trees we reviewed, it seemed that this was the one that had the most compliments on easy assembly.  In addition, the hammock works really well and is very sturdy.  That is, if your cat decides they want to use it.  Also, this particular cat tree isn't small, but you may notice that it's not as wide as the others.  While most of the cat trees have a (mostly) square base, this one is much more of a rectangular shape, which helps save space when it's needed.  

On the negative side, durability seems to be a more noticeable issue with this cat tree than the others.  Though many are happy with their purchase, we noticed that there were more complaints about the cat tree not holding up when compared to the other models.  Also, the top area of the cat tree may break off because it's held with a hollow plastic tube.  Definitely not the most sturdy material, especially for being at the highest part of the cat tree.  

Care and Maintenance

​Caring for and maintaining any of these cat trees should be a pretty easy process.  For the most part, after the initial assembly, there are onl​y a few things you should have to worry about.

  • ​Tower Becoming Wobbly:  After being jumped from and hung on a number of times, it's very possible that your tower pieces may become a bit wobbly.  When this happens, we recommend that you check the screws/bolts of the cat tree and tighten them.  Oftentimes, this can be the exact reason why the cat tree is wobbly and adjusting those to make them tight again can make it work like new.
  • ​Rope or Carpet is Fraying/Getting Pulled off the Cat Tree:  Regardless of the model you choose, this is considered normal wear and tear on a cat tree.  After all, if there are 2-4 little beasts jumping all over and cliffhanging from the top shelf, there's going to be some damage.  Though durability will depend on how active your cats are, when this happens you have to decide what you'd like to do.  Either purchase a new one, or try to replace the materials that are becoming worn.  Your local hardware store will be able to help you with this.  That said, this shouldn't happen ​too quickly.  A quality cat tree ​should last at least a year before replacements are needed.  
  • Checking Stability:  Every month or so we recommend that you check on the cat tree just to make sure it's still safe for your cats to play on.  Grab the platforms and pull/push a little bit to make sure they're still stable.  Also, make sure to check any exposed wood areas ​and confirm no splintering is occurring.  

​Final Thoughts

There are literally hundreds of choices out there when you're looking for cat trees, but finding one that's perfect for a household with multiple cats isn't an easy task.  These types of cat trees go through so much more wear and tear than other cat trees, so you need something that's durable and won't break on you.  After much consideration, this is why we confidently recommend the Go Pet Club Cat Tree.