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​Have ​Kittens or Cats to Sell?

​Perfect!  We've got the solution you've been looking for.

The first thing people do when they are looking for a kitten or cat is a quick Google search to find out their options.  Our website ranks highly in Google all across the entire United States for terms like "CAT BREED Kittens in STATE NAME" and "CAT BREED Cat Breeders in STATE NAME".  Examples would be "Siamese Cat Breeders in Texas" or "Maine Coon Cat Breeders in Indiana".

Because of this, we're already getting people to our website looking for kittens and cats of all different breeds.  Now, you just need to get in front of them and we're here to help.  Please watch the video below if you'd like to see exactly how it works.  If you're interested, scroll below the video for details of what we need from you to take out an ad placement.

​Interested in making an Ad Placement?  Great! 
***Please note, our ad placements are available for all of the United States and any other country​ listed on​ your breed's page***

Here's what we need from you to get started:

1)  Please ​send an email to ​ ​with the subject line "Ad Purchase".

2)  In the email, provide a description up to 50 words that tells people a little about you, what you have available, what the kittens/cats have been tested for, and what page URL you want us to direct them to on your website​.  This will be used in your ad, we highly recommend that you have your contact information on the page as many people will come from mobile devices.

​3)  Attach three images of your ​kittens or cats in your​ email  These photos will be what people ​see when they see your ad, so make sure​ they're ​high-quality photos.  ​​BEFORE YOU ATTACH THEM TO THE EMAIL, please resize them so that the longest side of any images are 300 px. You can do this by using this website:  (Watch this tutorial first, it's very easy to do).

​4)  Send a payment on Paypal to and send your email to us.

​Ad Pricing Options:
​$​39.00 for 30 days of the ad being shown on the state page.  (Required)
​$70.00 for 60 days (10% Discount) of the ad being shown on the state page (Optional)
$94.00 for 90 days (20% Discount) of the ad being shown on the state page (Optional)

​4)  Once we receive your email and payment, we will ​​​contact you to confirm everything and get your ad up and running.

If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please email us at Support@​

We look forward to working with you!