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Cat Kingpin Certified ​​Groomer Agreement

At Cat Kingpin, the well-being of each cat ​being groomed is our top priority. We work hard to educate those interested in purchasing and caring for a cat, but we also try our best to connect those same individuals with reputable ​cat ​groomers.

Because of this, we’ve created our “Cat Kingpin Certified ​​Groomer Agreement”.

Simply put, this is a list of best practices and rules that all of our certified ​cat ​groomers have personally agreed to. Although it isn’t as powerful as visiting each ​cat ​groomer individually, it’s a step to help us preserve the health and safety of every kitten and cat ​that gets involved with the cat​ groomers on our website.


​I understand that there is an expected level of service that I will have to deliver in order to continue to work with each of my clients and their feline companions.​ I agree to:

  • ​Keep customer information confidential
  • ​Complete my task(s) within the time frame agreed upon with my client(s).
  • Conduct myself in a professional manner and​ treat employees, ​clients, and competitors with honesty and integrity
  • ​Maintain the security of any residence I enter with the resources designated by the client.

2) ​CARE

​I understand that by being trusted as a cat ​groomer that I'm ​grooming a loving member of my client's family and will do everything I can to care for the cat(s) in a method that's both compassionate and professional.  I agree to;

  • ​Groom the ​cat(s) as if they are my own
  • ​Keep the ​cat(s) safe at all times
  • Deliver a grooming service to the cat(s) that is expected of me by the client(s)

​3) ​​LEGAL

​I ​understand that each neighborhood, city, or state may have pet ​grooming laws and standards set forth to protect the well being of the pet.  I agree to;

  • ​Comply with all local ordinances relating to the care ​of cats; and to obey all regulations, Federal, State, and local.

Please note that if it is discovered that a ​​groomer is in violation of this agreement, they can (and will) be removed from our website without notice if a proper investigation confirms that a violation has been committed.  We don't believe this will happen often, but do want to make our certified​ groomers aware of it.