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Best Cat Groomers in Westerville, Ohio

While cats often groom themselves, there are plenty of reasons to bring them to a cat groomer.  Whether it be to reduce shedding, give them a stylish hair cut, or other grooming tasks, finding a quality cat groomer in Westerville can be a difficult task.  

That's where we come in.  We've spent countless hours researching to find all of the best cat groomers in Westerville to help you keep your cats looking beautiful and well-groomed all year round.

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Designer Paws Salon


Designer Paws Salon

Has This Groomer Been Cat Kingpin Certified? Yes  What's This?

How They Describe Themselves:  Misty Gieczys, the owner of Designer Paws Salon, competes on a national level for Creative Grooming and breed profile winning Groom Team USA* points at Pet Quest in 2015. She has been featured on American and French news broadcasts. She has also been on Inside Edition, Animal Planet, The List, the front page of the Wall Street Journal online, Orlando Sentinel, Out n About Columbus, and featured in documentaries.  Please note that we also have a location in Upper Arlington.


​Phone Number:  ​614-859-1576

Facebook Page:  Visit Now
Associations:  PCGAA

​​Deshedding Treatment? ​Yes
​​Gland Expression? No
​Nail Trimming? Yes
​Lion Haircut? Yes

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Additional ​​Groomers

​Don't see a ​cat groomer that you like?  That's okay. Sometimes​ there may not be too many options in your area.  If ​you can't find a groomer you want here, we recommend that you look at ​other cat ​groomers​ to see if you can find a better one near you.