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can cats have autism

Can Cats Have Autism?

Have you ever wondered if your cat has autism? Maybe your cat sometimes stares into space, or perhaps they keep running around the house over and over again for no apparent reason. But does your cat just have a unique personality or are they actually on the autism spectrum? In this article we’ll cover the […]

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can cats take zyrtec

Can Cats Take Zyrtec?

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know how dreadful allergy season can be. Running nose, itchy eyes, and that general feeling that you’ve been run over by a truck; it’s pretty terrible. Not everyone knows that cats can suffer from allergies as well, but they can! And it’s very likely that they feel the effects […]

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can cats eat ham

Can Cats Eat Ham?

Meat is a wonderful addition to your cat’s carnivorous diet. Because meat is full of the protein that all cats need to maintain a healthy heart, skeletal structure, and muscular system, giving your cat meat as a treat is a great way to give their health a little boost. Maybe you have a ham sandwich […]

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Can Cats Eat Cherries?

Mmmm…. Cherries. Cherry pie, ice cream sundaes with cherries on top, and Cherry Limeade from Sonic. Who doesn’t like cherries in some form or fashion? But what about cats? If you offer your cat a cherry, odds are they’re going to want it. Whether they like to bat the cherry around like a ball or […]

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Why do kittens shake

Why Do Kittens Shake?

It’s hard to understand what’s going on when you get a new kitten. It’s hard to know if they are happy, or sad. One of the most common things reported by new kitten owners is trembling and shaking. Sometimes this can be caused by something as simple as fear or it can be more complex […]

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Can Cats Drink Soy Milk?

We would get bored if all we ever drank was water. From coffee and tea to soda and milk, variety is the spice of life for human beings. For better or for worse, many of us project these desires onto our beloved feline friends. Unfortunately, many liquids that are perfectly safe for human beings aren’t […]

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can cats eat sardines

Can Cats Eat Sardines?

Cats are well known for their love of fish. And why not? Cats are carnivores, and fish are full of tons of vitamins, fats, and minerals that cats need. Sardines are one of the cheapest and readily available fish on the market. Packaged in neat and convenient little tins and practically bite sized, sardines are […]

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why do cats wander

Why Do Cats Wander?

Have you noticed that sometimes you can’t find your cat in the backyard? Have they been missing for hours or even days but then show up perfectly fine? Cats are notorious for wandering off from their home and owners. They have incredible navigation skills and a complex desire to fulfill their instinctual behaviors that actually […]

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can cats eat liver

Can Cats Eat Liver?

Mmmm… Are you a liver and onions kind of person? I’m not either. But it’s a safe bet that your cat probably loves liver, and that’s why there are so many liver flavored cat food on the store shelves. But, is liver actually good for cats? Before you go and give your cats fresh liver, let’s […]

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can cats eat peas

Can Cats Eat Peas?

We all grow up hearing that it’s important to eat our veggies. But is the same true for cats? Not all cats will enjoy the taste of vegetables, as cats are carnivores that thrive on and enjoy a diet mostly made up of meat. However, some cats really enjoy a vegetable now and again! Peas […]

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