Can cats eat turkey

Can Cats Eat Turkey?

Many people believe turkey is one of the healthiest types of meat people can consume. Turkey is high protein and low in fat. But is turkey good for cats to eat? In this article we’ll cover the following; Cats and Turkey, What You Need to Know Can Cats Eat Turkey Lunch Meat? Can Kittens Eat […]

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can cats eat coconut oil

Can Cats Eat Coconut Oil?

A recent new fad has arrived in the pet-parent world. I’ve heard many clients and customers tell me about the multiple benefits coconut oil has for their dogs and cats. Though coconut oil may have some small effect on relieving itchy dry skin topically, there is actually not much evidence to suggest it’s benefits when […]

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can cats eat watermelon

Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is an extremely popular fruit. With its pink flesh, sweet flavor, and high water content, what’s not to love? Whether you like it with hot sauce, salt, sugar, or plain, it’s the perfect treat for a summer evening. As with lots of human foods, your cat may be curious about watermelon and even try […]

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can cats eat popcorn

Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Cheesy, salty and crunchy… Popcorn is quite pleasing to our taste-buds and sometimes you may be tempted to share this lovely treat with your beloved cat. But is this really a good idea? You might think that there is no harm in feeding your cat plain popcorn or popcorn kernels. But unfortunately this isn’t the […]

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Cat X-Rays – Everything You Want to Know

Have you recently been to the vet and learned your cat is going to need an x-ray? Has your cat injured themselves and you want to get him or her to the vet, but you’re worried about how much the x-ray will cost? Or maybe your kitty just doesn’t like going to the vet and […]

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can cats drink alcohol

Can Cats Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol has been a huge part of the diet and culture of humanity for thousands and thousands of years. In fact, even the ancient Babylonians worshipped a wine goddess… nearly 5,000 years ago in 2700 B.C. It was the Greeks who first invented wine as we know it today, likely around 1700 B.C. Before that, […]

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can cats eat tuna

Can Cats Eat Tuna?

Most cats go absolutely crazy for tuna! And human-grade tuna (the kind you buy at the grocery store) can be a wonderful addition to your cat’s diet, much like sardines. Full of vitamins, minerals, and oils that are crucial for kitty health, tuna fish is a fabulous treat for your cat. As with most human […]

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can cats eat ice cream

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

Cats feel the heat just we like we do! And when the weather gets warm, lots of cat owners wonder about the best way to help their kitty beat the heat. Many of you have probably been there: you’re sitting at the table, enjoying an ice cream cone, and your cat wanders over and gives […]

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how do cats regulate body temperature

How Do Cats Regulate Body Temperature?

Cats have really cool ways to keep their body temperature stabilized. Whereas kittens may have some difficulties regulating their body temperature.  Regardless of how they do it, stabilizing their body temperature is important in both cold and hot weather. In this article we will cover: How Cats Maintain Body Temperature? How Do Kittens Regulate Body […]

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can cats have autism

Can Cats Have Autism?

Have you ever wondered if your cat has autism? Maybe your cat sometimes stares into space, or perhaps they keep running around the house over and over again for no apparent reason. But does your cat just have a unique personality or are they actually on the autism spectrum? In this article we’ll cover the […]

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