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Can Kittens Get Pregnant

Can Kittens Get Pregnant?

It’s a sad fact that approximately 3.4 million unwanted cats and kittens are euthanized each year. Most people know that the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies in cats is to have them neutered. How early should kittens be spayed? Can kittens even get pregnant? In this article we’ll cover the following: Pregnancy in Cats, […]

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Can Cats Eat Lima Beans

Can Cats Eat Lima Beans?

Sufferin’ succotash! Have you ever wondered if Sylvester the Cat actually ate the Algonquian dish of sweet corn and lima beans? What about your cat? Would lima beans be something they might enjoy? Could lima beans even be a healthy addition to you cats diet? As you will see, lima beans can make a fun […]

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Can Cats Eat Beans

Can Cats Eat Beans?

Beans, beans, the marvelous fruit, the more you eat, the more you…  get healthier, right? Beans are considered a healthy part of people’s diets. So, you might be wondering if beans are a good addition to your cat’s diet. As you will see, beans can make a fun and interesting treat for your kitty if […]

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Can Cats Eat Donuts

Can Cats Eat Donuts?

Who doesn’t love a donut? Perhaps the ultimate guilty pleasure, it’s estimated that some 10 billion donuts are eaten each year in the United States alone! Everyone knows that donuts aren’t a health food, but are they as bad for cats as they are for people? Can cats eat donuts? Perhaps more importantly, are donuts […]

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Can Cats Take Xanax 2

Can Cats Take Xanax?

Cats, like people, sometimes suffer from anxiety. Xanax is one drug people often take to combat anxiety. But is Xanax a safe drug for cats? Can cats take Xanax? In this article we’ll cover the following: Cats and Xanax, What You Need to Know How Does Xanax Affect Cats? Can Xanax Cause Side Effects in […]

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Can Cats Eat Raspberries

Can Cats Eat Raspberries?

Raspberries are one of the top ten most popular fruits consumed in the United States. Eaten fresh, frozen, or in jams and preserves, raspberries are a tasty and versatile fruit that are even used in popular liqueurs. Moreover, raspberries are great for you since they’re full of essential vitamins and minerals. Since raspberries are so […]

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How Do Cat Years Compare to Human Years

How Do Cat Years Compare to Human Years?

Almost everyone has heard that one dog year is equivalent to seven human years. But is that true? And, what about cats? How do cat years compare to human years? In this article we’ll cover the following: How Are Cat Years Calculated? Life Stages of Cats How Can You Help Your Cat Live a Long […]

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Why Do Cats Vomit Foam

Why Do Cats Vomit Foam?

If your cat hasn’t done it before, it can be scary if they start vomiting. Especially if all that’s coming out is white foam. In some cases, such as when a cat is vomiting repeatedly, this can be a sign of serious illness requiring prompt veterinary attention. But for the most part, vomiting foam isn’t […]

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Can Cats Eat Spiders

Can Cats Eat Spiders?

Cats and spiders are two of nature’s most efficient predators. But, what happens when these two carnivores encounter each other? In most cases, cats will be victorious and the spider will either escape or become the prey. But, what happens next? Can cats eat spiders? In this article we’ll cover the following: Cats and Spiders, Everything […]

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Can Cats Eat Pretzels

Can Cats Eat Pretzels?

Many pet-parents are on the lookout for ways to bring variety to their cat’s meals. Though not as good for people as a carrot stick, pretzels are considered one of the healthier snack foods available. While pretzels may be a decent snack option for people, are they actually good for your cat to eat? Can […]

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