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Can Cats Eat Bones

Can Cats Eat Bones?

While it’s much more common with dogs, sometimes cat owners will think about giving their cat a bone or two to munch on. Cats are almost always enthusiastic about bones, especially bones that come from meat and fish, but can cats eat bones? While chewing on and eating bones can have health benefits, the answer […]

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can cats eat lemongrass

Can Cats Eat Lemongrass?

Cats love to eat all sorts of plants and grass. You may not know the exact reason, but usually they do it to cleanse their systems or because they like the taste of particular plants and flowers. Apart from catnip, which is often our feline friend’s favorite type of grass, nibbling on plants of various kinds […]

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Can Kittens Drink Milk

Can Kittens Drink Milk?

Because kittens are mammals, their diet is made up exclusively of milk for the first few weeks of life. But the milk they drink isn’t just any old milk. It’s cat milk. The young of all mammals thrive on their mother’s milk, and kittens are no different. Once a kitten comes to live with their […]

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When Do Cats Become Full Grown

When Do Cats Become Full Grown?

Depending on the day, you may wish your kitten would stay little forever. But just like all babies, kittens grow up, which is a good reason to consider the 15+ year commitment that comes with cat ownership before bringing a cute little ball of fur home. While cats may be emotionally immature for a few […]

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Can Cats Eat Kippers

Can Cats Eat Kippers?

Cats are well-known for their love of fish. And why not? Cats are carnivores, and fish are full of tons of vitamins, fats, and minerals that cats need. Kippers, which are technically herring, are a popular food around the globe, especially in the United Kingdom and Japan, where the locals have been enjoying this fish […]

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Can Cats Eat Baby Food

Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

Many cat owners are always looking for little treats to give their cat. If you’re looking for alternatives to commercial cat treats, you may start digging in your cupboard to see if you can share a bit of human food with your feline friend. While many human foods are not safe for cats, there are […]

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Why Do Cats Pee on Clothes

Why Do Cats Pee on Clothes?

We love our feline friends, but there’s one thing we probably don’t love about them: their pee. While most of the time our cats will use their litter box, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, cats will urinate in less conventional places. And unfortunately for us, that often means a great deal of cleaning up. […]

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Can Cats Get Lice

Can Cats Get Lice?

Getting lice as a kid is practically a rite of passage. We all have memories of going to the nurse’s office and having our hair carefully combed in search of those little pests. While its rare to get lice in adulthood (though it happens, unfortunately), we may wonder if lice will make an appearance in […]

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Can Cats Get Pink Eye

Can Cats Get Pink Eye?

Pink eye, which is also known as conjunctivitis, is a very common illness in human beings, particularly during childhood. While most of us have memories of battling pink eye during our elementary school years, many of us are able to forget about this itchy infection once we reach adulthood. It may therefore come as a […]

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can cats eat potatoes

Can Cats Eat Potatoes?

If you’ve ever taken a good look at the ingredients list on the back of a bag of cat food (which you should totally do, by the way) you may notice some unusual ingredients. While pet food companies have spent millions of dollars attempting to ensure that their foods contain all the best ingredients for […]

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