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​About Us

​Wondering who we are and why we've spent literally thousands of hours researching and writing about cats?  It's a reasonable question and one that we'd like to resolve with this page.  While we depict ourselves (with creative artwork!) to be an old mafia-style lady who all cats flock to, the reality is that we're a team of people who are ridiculously passionate about feline companions and we're looking to ​create the internet's #1 resource for all cat lovers.

​Meet Our Team

​Founder - Prof. Ron Stefanski, MBA (Linkedin)

​After earning his MBA from Benedictine University, ​Ron ​has gone on to have a successful career as a college professor and entrepreneur. But, one thing always stuck with him...his love for cats.  Growing up in a family that owned two ​awesome cats (shout-out to Mittens and Frisky!) he always found them to be​ very interesting animals.  So much so, that after​ he and his wife couldn't find enough information about ​a ​Bengal cat they were looking to adopt, he created BengalCatClub.com.  After seeing it's success​, Ron realized that people need quality information and resources about all breeds of cats, and so CatKingpin.com was born.  

Senior Researcher and Executive Assistant - Marygine G.
Mary is still in the process of receiving her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and, as most caring nurses do, also has a love for all animals.  While Mary doesn't have cats herself, she frequently cat sits for her sister.  Beyond that, Mary has four dogs, two separate aquariums filled with parrot fish, goldfish and flowerhorn. Mary considers all of her pets as members of her family and her sister's cats are no exception.  She's worked closely with our founder on a daily basis since 2017 and continues to assist us in developing quality resources.

​Writer - Amanda K.

​After moving to New York City from ​Italy, Amanda began working in the nonprofit world. Despite her day job, her passion has always been animals, especially ​cats. ​She's been a pet owner for 15 years, and ​has cared for dogs, cats, hamsters and the occasional hermit crab. Her beloved cat, Mozart,​ sparked her love for felines and is nearly 15 years old. She's an enthusiastic volunteer at the local ASPCA, where she enjoy's spending time with ​the animals.  ​Amanda has been researching and writing about pet ownership and care​ since 2012.

​Writer - ​Phil R.

​​Phil’s lifelong love of animals began as a young boy growing up with three pet dogs. As a teenager and young adult, Phil spent six years working as a veterinary technician, later earning a B.S. in Animal Science. After college, Phil continued working as a vet tech part-time while caring for a private collection of mountain lions used in wildlife educational programs. During this time, Phil volunteered at the Dallas Zoo and was eventually offered a position as a zookeeper in the zoo’s naturalistic Wilds of Africa area. Phil became the primary keeper for a black leopard named “Grady” and a caracal named “Tut” in the predator/prey exhibit.